Sunday, September 04, 2005


Hey me again.

If you want eyepopping cursors then you should get CursorXP.It overwrites the default old cursors to give you 3D animated cursors like this one:

made by JJYing, an excellent cursor artist from

If you want to download CursorXP from, click here.
If you want to download JJYing's Silver Cursors 2 for CursorXP, click here.
If you want more cursors for CursorXP at, cilck here.


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Hi all.

I'm Aidan and in my free time I like to make windows icon and icons for a program called Objectdock, a free application from
It allows you to have a second taskbar at the top of your desktop, with you can skin with various shortcuts and icons.To get more icons for it(which are in .png) you can go to and click on "Objectdock". The icons the have got are very detailed and amazing.

Also I like to make desktop backgrounds this one:

( if you want to download this one, click here.)

or this one:

Hope to hear from you soon!